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Scarlet now leaned back in the seat of her car rubbing her hands on the wheel knowing what she just did. She had done it before it's just every time she did do it, it made her jittery. What did she do for a living?
Assassinated people that her father wanted taken out, or any other job he asked. But her main thing was for killing. By now she had been killing for about three years. Her first kill was when she was fourteen years old. By then she was an accomplished fighter, not as much as she was now but deadly, the main reason why was because no one would think it was a woman in the first place and not for how old she was.
Marie, her mother, died from breast cancer when she was five years old. When she was ten she knew how to defuse a bomb by her father, pick locks, even pick pockets. From there on out she just got more in depth in training with her father and men he hired in the Mafia. At the age of seventeen her father had made her into a killing machine almost. Most of her heart had been torn out, twisted around by her father's words.
Sighing she snapped out of her world and drove into her driveway, where she had her own house that her father had bought her. It was something she liked was peaceful a good getaway.

Kylar decided to lay low for the night. Instead of spending time lounging at a club he thought some extra training might be in order. The gym at the CIA base was open 24/7, and after hours would most likely have a few other operatives training. A half hour later he was at the training center, and tonight there were three others training at that time. Names were irrelevant to field agents, they would rarely meet outside the compound and were required to not recognize each other if they did. A woman in her 30s that was commonly called Blondie (despite the fact her hair changed colours every week), a man who looked like a younger version of Steve, and blond boy in his early 20s that trained with Ross named Andrew. They were close for field agents, seeming how they almost killed each other a dozen times a day for a year. However close for lone-wolf agents didn't pass much beyond a nod and small talk.
"Still dealing?" Andrew grinned white teeth. He was more into intelligence 'interception', it was rare to see him in the States. Kylar nodded.
"Still stealing?"
"Like candy from a baby with a machine gun." With a few chuckles the two boys returned to old times-using martial arts to 'kill' each other. It wasn't much different from teenage boys wrestling, except for the obvious fact that both were trained killers. For men who were trained on how to extract information and become instant buddies with targets, they were surprisingly bad at conversing in a casual setting. Hours of training and miles of jogging later Kylar finally called it quits and drove home. Taking a different route home (Kylar tried to change his route ever time he drove), he passed through a nicer part of town. A nicer part of town with a nicer house with a beyond nice silver mercedes parked in the driveway. It was pitch black out now, but he was trained to constantly scan the darkness. This time it paid off-Scarlet Emerson, or at least her car, was at this house.
Kylar had nothing he could do at the moment so he continued to his own house. In contrast to the fancy car, his house was more function than fashion. More of a storage house than one for human habitation, it was surrounded with a 10 foot tall solid (rusting) metal fence and discreetly hidden surveillance cameras. Home sweet home. Kylar actually liked living in the storage-house hybrid. He felt relatively safe in the compound. Securing the safety of the fence (his prized car safely locked inside) Kylar was able to rest comfortably. Not that he slept well with all he had learned from his new assignment.

Once Scarlet was back in her cozy Mediterranean house she put down her purse and shoes by the door placing them neatly there. Her house was well put together, everything had a place. It was stylish yet it had a warm feeling to it. Something she wished she had in herself sometimes.
Sighing she walked up the stairs, heading into the large master bedroom. It was just here here, no time for boyfriends, neither did she want one. Last time she tried to have a man in her life well...her father found out about him and that was the end of it. She had cried for a week before her father told her to suck it up. That's what she did, sucked it up. Though part of her heart was shattered from being without him.
Once she was in her bedroom she stripped off her clothing, then put on a white silk night dress, with black lace around the edges. She didn't bother with a shower, she would take one in the morning, for now she was exhausted. She plunged into her heated bed before falling into a deep sleep.

When Kylar woke up in the morning he was too tired to even open his eyes. Moaning sleepily he slapped out a hand to hit the snooze button. Over the years he had grown to hate lots of sounds, the sound of bloodcurdling screams, of daggers grating against bone, yet if there was one sound he hated it had to be the incessant beeping of and alarm clock.
Kylar was used to training, but not training for as long as he did last night. Some of Andrew's holds and punches made Kylar's body stiff and sore. Even his neck muscles protested when he buried his head deeper into the pillow.
The alarm clock wasn't silent long enough for Kylar to finish cussing and thinking of all the other non life threatening things he could be doing today. He usually loved his job, but punching his alarm clock off for the second time this morning he definitely knew that trying single-handed to manipulate a mafia hitman to infiltrate their ranks wasn't exactly what he felt like doing today.
Kylar tried getting ready for the day without opening his eyes. It was working well until he had to get dressed after showering. Ripped jeans and a tee shirt on a teenager blended in much better during the day, and since he had a solid 12 hours before making his rounds at the clubs he decided to bum it a bit for the day.
For fun Kylar liked to work on his old mustang car. He picked it up cheap because it was in such bad shape, but for him rebuilding the car was the fun part anyway. Planning on picking up some parts he ordered Kylar altered his route to pass that grand house again, just in case Emerson was still there this morning. Cruising past the house in daylight he could fully appreciate the flaunting money blaring from the architecture. He mentally noted that the large windows were impractical for home security, much to his pleasure. But it wasn't only her car at the house, he saw Scarlet Emerson outside.

Scarlet groaned hearing a soft, annoying buzzing sound, reaching over she grabbed her cell phone to turn off the source of the mind wrenching sound. She was planning to have her father install that thing you can have in your house so that in the mornings it would blast hit sounds instead of a beaming bell sound, that usually jolted her awake from being such a light sleeper. It was not something she liked at all.
Yawning she stretched her arms, pushing her long smooth legs to get up out of bed for another day in paradise...not. From her alarm going off she knew she had only about two hours before she had to go to work again. Not go kill some one but paper work and such. She too had to help track down people.
Scarlet walked into her closet grabbing a pink tank top with black tight booty shorts for a light jog. Next she grabbed her Ipod for music and already was moving down her stairs at a good pace. She would take a shower when she got back, what she did do what put her blond hair in a ponytail to get the strains out of her face. But made sure she put on her Nikki tennis shoes.
Once she got out her front door she turned to lock her door and started to walk out of her drive way, then she saw something, or someone. The kid from that race. Now it was time to play sweet, teenage, rich, bubbly, flirty, innocent girl. This would be fun.
She waved to the car putting a dazzling smile on her face.

If seeing your target for the second time in 24 hours was a shock, having them flag you down from their front porch was death by lightning. Though his body instantly reacted with that swirling adrenaline buzz he loved, his mind was entirely clear-if there was one thing he had to be at all times, it was clear headed. He rolled the Audi to as stop on the curb in front of her house. If she looked sexy driving a car with sunglasses, she was even more sexy in those booty shorts. She seemed full of adrenaline boosting surprises.
He rolled down the window while shifting into park. "Going out for a different race today Mercedes?" He wasn't sure how to pick up girls as much. They could go so many ways, liking bad boys or despising them, wanting to be treated like a girl, an equal, a woman, he wasn't even sure with some. And, not to mention, she might have even discovered another way she wanted to be treated at a private all girls school for all he knew. Especially with those amazing legs. He couldn't say he knew her name, and he of course would naturally remember her by her car. Or that body... No, he didn't see her body-just the car's body.

Scarlet smiled, as she walked down by the boys car. How would a rich girl act? Well she was about to demonstrate how she should act off the job. A light soft giggle ran threw her. "Mmmm I was thinking about it, but then again if we were going to race again I'll make sure I get my slower car for ya." She teased back at him. Now she leaned by the car, acting as a girl that was bold to boys. "I didn't know you lived around here? I just moved in a few months ago. Where you headed to now? Off to go get smoked by some other girl?" Scarlet said as she rested her arms on the top on the window leaning a little bit into the car but out.
"Did you go to school around here? I've never seen you before than just blazing by you." She smiled softly at him her eyes looking into his. If neighbours saw her they would just thing she was the flirty spoiled type of girl.

She can giggle? That sounded so strange. It didn't match what he had pictured of her-it didn't make sense with who she was. Warning signs flashed in his head: warning, proceed with caution. Raising an eyebrow at her challenge he countered "You've already got a Mercedes, any slower has to be a mini van." Total bull, and they both knew it.
"Nah I'm just passing through on my way to town." Closer he could firmly take in the details of her delicate face and flawless skin. His tone and expression was light but somebody watching him closely could see the sharp cunning behind the soft brown eyes.
He flashed a smirk at all her questions. He knocked 'suddle' off the list of possible characteristics she could have. "Slow down there Mercedes, questions are only fun as long as you don't know the answers." A vague and charming response you would expect from a young drug dealer. He didn't want to invite her into the car, they had just met and he knew she could kill him from the passenger seat no problem. The small thought even entered his mind And if she only tortured me the blood would be all over the interior. The wry mental comment sent a relaxed twinkle to his eyes.

"Ah...that's true but I also have a Camaro in the garage that's a little slower for ya if you wanted to go again. Or if you drive nicely I have a 65' Shelby Cobra, I might let you drive. Then again I have to know you." She joked, Scarlet was having a tad bit of fun with the guy. But who could blame her? He was cute looking, had a nice car and had a charming factor about him. "That's cool, I probably should go shopping later for some food." She said but then smiled again at him. "Awww am I going to fast for ya speed racer?" She said leaning in closer, as a tease before backing up a little but still was in his window. "I'm Scarlet by the way but most people just call me Scar. You are?" She asked curiously.
Scarlet was examining the boy, he seemed genuine but just something about him was tugging at her. Still nothing too alarming. "So what questions can I ask you?" She asked teasing. "Since simple ones are off the list of things to ask."

"'65 Shelby Cobra? Dang girl you've got good taste." His head nodded with genuine appreciation. But there was still that flair-what was her angle? She approached him, what did she want. She might have seen him at the club last night, that would have definitely ticked off her radar to see a man three times in 24 hours that she'd never seen before. It was improbable however, the lighting was bad and he made sure that he blended in perfectly so as to not attract her attention. She had seemed preoccupied the the package after all. He focused on her words, trying to find out anything that she might drop as a hint to her character.
"Kylar." He smiled at her as if enjoying her questions. Scar? What person wants to be called that? Suddenly he pictured the evil lion from The Lion King leaning through his window. Ross didn't have any idea what a guy would say were appropriate questions, but Kylar answered for him. "You could ask me for my number or if I had plans tonight." The suggestion was half joking but his eyes were temptingly serious on the matter. The organization didn't want just glimpses of the target, they wanted results.

Scarlet smiled with a nod. "Yeah she's one of my three babies." She kept her eyes on his, trying to figure out what was bugging her mind. He didn't seem like a threat to her, not physically, but what about other ways? She didn't know but it irradiated her not able to read someone. She went down the list of where or what might have put a red flag. Okay so he was the guy that raced her for sure. Then something crossed threw her mind. "Nice to meet you Kyle, so that race last night, you don't seem the type of guy to be in that area, you go there a lot?" She asked causally.
What was putting a red flag was seeing him within twelve hours. And he just so happened to drive by her house? Something was up. His suggestion wasn't bad. " about I have you over for diner tonight? I've got a pool in the back. Also a hot tub. Then I could show you my babies, and if all goes well. Just maybe I'll take you out on a drive." She said with a smile. She didn't have anything going on tonight and something about this guy intrigued her.

She certainly couldn't have bad hearing, with her job that could kill her. And she was definitely close enough to know he was Kylar, she was definitely playing with him. He felt a small sense of victory, she was intrigued. If she had to pretend to be uninterested, she was. Kylar had at least learned that backwards sign in women. He chuckled, half sound to cast off her question and half humour. "I'm always in that part of town." The amused air he implied was to help her realize that he ran that part of town. He was a behind the lines guy, but he was still part of that money cycle in the clubs. She was fishing for some info, and all he could wonder was if she knew who he was. Her invitation was the wrong thing to say if she was.
"Chandeliers and dinner? That's not my style." He wondered if it was her style either. No normal girl would just fling herself out there like that to a stranger. Instead he offered an alternative. "Honestly, a girl like you, I'm surprised you don't go to the races. But if that's not your thing," he raised his eyebrows and turn forward to look out the windshield, "I do need to get going. I have some business at the body shop."

Scarlet just nodded to him but was not convinced her conscious knew better than to second doubt what people would say. " that type of guy? I would have never guessed." She said to him. She by now had backed up from the car more on the curb now. She laughed and shook her head. "No way! Your sounding like my grandmother. Naw I was more thinking pizza and a horror movie but then again, never mind." She rolled her eyes but then thought of something she could say, that she wanted to see what he would do about it. "Eh races are cool but I like a different kind of rush that just going fast in a car." She nodded. "Yeah same here, I have some things to do too. First finish out this jog. I'll see you around then." She said with a smile.

He shrugged at her comment. Kylar was supposed to be the kind of guy you would guess to find in rougher areas of town. His cover was almost a year deep now, he had a perfect mask for Kylar Otero. "Ordering pizza in that house? Man the delivery boy must faint when you answer the door." She was a stunner, not to mention the inside of that house must be as gorgeous as the front. Though he wondered if she killed delivery boys too. In real life he wasn't big into movies to begin with, why watch what you can live? But he needed an in with her, and if this was the only offer on the table he'd have to take it. "But that does sound better." He was slightly afraid the door had closed. If the door closed and he popped up again on her radar, there's no way to know what she would do.
A different kind of rush. Was she a meth addict? She was rather skinny, crank would keep her wired and unable to eat for days. There was no way that any assassin could risk being high like that. He let his face become dead serious. "What kind of rush are we talking about here?" She was standing back from the car, but this was something he needed answered. If there's one way to charm a girl, it's to tell her that you could give her all the drugs she wanted. She did say 'I'll see you around'. Does that mean she plans on running into him at some sort of club?

Scarlet was about to leave but he didn't leave so she kept put. "Ha! Naw Henry is my delivery dude. He's fifteen, cute kid shy but it's adorable when he blushes when I open the door." She said truthfully. Never would she kill the innocent, in some ways she truly was a teenage girl, other's not even possible. As she stood there she loosely crossed her arms, switching her feet. What puzzled her was he took her offer. She was only kidding about pizza only slightly serious. "What no girlfriend? I guess you could come over. It shouldn't be a problem. Do you wanna get the movie? I'll get the pizza and popcorn?" She asked, it was kinda odd going so fast but she felt it would be okay. Nothing she couldn't handle. As he asked what rush she raised her eyebrow, now that expression she could read. "I'm not a druggy, do you really thing I would do coke or marijuana or whatever else kinda drug there is?" She laughed. "Nope, I like the more...deadly kind of adrenaline." She said smiling. "Driving my car's is one of them." She said to him. Then when she was going to say one more thing her phone went off. She glanced down at it. "Hey Kyle I have to take this, just come over at six tomorrow. That sound good?" She asked him quickly waiting for an answer.

"I'm sure he'd love to know you describe him as 'adorable'." There were some words a guy didn't want to hear a crush call him. Adorable was one of them. She sure flaunts her cash if she even has a delivery dude just to bring her pizza. But that also means she's a creature of habit, or at least wants things in control and constant around her. Probably the same type of pizza, same store, everything. Scarlet was actually surprised he accepted. She must know practically any guy would say yes to a date with her. "No girlfriend." He smiled, his answer confident-and true. It was hard to keep a relationship in the agency, unless of course it was what the agency wanted. "You said a horror movie right?" That wasn't exactly his favourite. He saw enough blood and death in real life, why watch a slasher or a thriller if your life was a thriller? He wasn't going to be picky though.
She was really against drugs. Maybe the bad boy approach Steve had set him up for was going to backfire terribly. "Hey, no judgment here," he didn't want to spook her. Why is she being so obvious with her aggression? This chick doesn't know covers. Kylar knew that driving a fast car wasn't her deadly adrenaline.
"Kylar," he corrected with a good-natured smile. She knew, he knew, it was silly for her to say it. "Sure I can be here then." At least that would give them some time apart. Though he had a feeling this call was her dad with a hit. "Later Scarlet." Scar doesn't fit her. Scarlet does-almost perfectly.

"Well I'm sure not but still, he's pretty cute. Younger but cute. Or would hansom be the better word." She teased to him. Scarlet was testing the man, yes she might have been giving odd answers but she wanted to see what he would do. Odds where he didn't just bump into twice so soon. Odds where that most guys she meant that were around his age ended up trying to kill her. Shed had FBI, CIA, Feds, Assassin after her. She would not be surprised if he was another. If not, if he was just a normal guy that would be weird. She'd never met a guy who wasn't trying to kill her besides little Henry. If it wasn't the killers it was gold diggers. Guys that tried to be charming to get after her father's money. Never had she found someone pure hearted. Not that she ever would with her kind of work.
"Sure either horror or...wait how about we do comedy something to laugh out is always fun." She winced. "Sorry about that I can be forgetful. My x boyfriend was Kyle. I'll remember your name, Kylar." She said to him.
"See ya." She said to him before quickly picking up her phone and started to walk back on the side walk. It wasn't her father but Ethan his right hand man. "Scar?" The man said in a deep voice. "Yes I'm here." She said in a firm tone. "2344 Milan Street, someone will meet you there. You have thirty minutes to get there." With that he hung up.
Scarlet sigh. "So long for a walk." She mumbled and started to walk quickly back to the house needing a shower before wen went.

Well did she ramble about 15 year old pizza guys this often? Maybe it was strange for her if a guy said yes to a date. "In general handsome would be the better word, but if he's competition 'adorable' is fine." He smiled light-heartedly. It had been a while since he was allowed to flirt freely. "Comedy it is then." He was just about to shift when she said her ex was Kyle. "Ex huh?" He wasn't sure what the procedure was when you talked about an ex. Especially when you were talking for the first time with someone. "Should I beat him up?" Kylar figured that was something they'd say in a book.
"Later." He quickly shifted to drive off. He had contact, and now a date with the target. And now he had time to work on his mustang. And maybe stop feeling so sore from training late last night.
Pulling in to the body shop the mechanic was bent over fixing something under the hood of an SUV. "Hey man," he called stepping out of the car. "You said the parts were in?" Without looking up the man shouted inaudibly over the loud radio but gestured to a box in the corner. Not wanting to bother Joe when he was concentrated on a job, he just picked up the box and left. He always prepaid in cash, no trace back to the ghost account of Kylar Otero. When he was driving home his work phone buzzed in his pocket. He coded in immediately and his contact did the same. "Progress?" Man they were expecting a lot on this assignment.
"I've got a date with her tomorrow, her place."
"Good. Keep us posted. We sent the police to the club last night with an anonymous tip. They have no clue you were there, or Scarlet. This is deep Ross, this is deep."
"Yes sir. I'll contact again with progress." Click. There was no attempt at friendship between the two, but sometimes he wished there was a little more sympathy on the other end. Older operatives said you just got used to it. Sighing he settled back home and worked on his '67 Mustang Notchback. He had nothing to do besides more extra training until tomorrow night.
Hope you guys like it. Me and one of my best friends did this together. Here's her link check her out she's amazing!
Please comment below on what you think of it and maybe give some idea's as to what me and my friend should do should do next.
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